Strategic & Organizational Planning

When we work with an organization, we look at the strategic and operational plans for that organization so we can align the change initiative we’re doing with their direction, objectives and strategies. Organizations that we work with are at all stages of beginning or having completed a strategic plan and operations/annual plan.  Some do strategic planning and operational planning on a regular basis.  Others have never done any strategic planning.  Some have a strategic plan "on paper somewhere, but haven't looked at it in years." So, we help organizations – whether non-profits, corporations or small businesses, look at their value propositions, mission and strategies, develop plans, implement actions and evaluate results that make them more effective and successful.  
Some of the planning processes around which we facilitate groups:
Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Key Competencies of the Organization
Strategic Plan – long range view of what the organization is moving toward
Business Plan – for managing the business – market analysis, pricing, products, mgmt., financials, etc.
Project Plan – for managing a particular project – Hoshin planning can be used to determine focus
Annual Plan – Action Plan with Objectives – looked at and developed annually for targets
Departmental Plans (taking the Action plan and cascading it down through the organization)
Individual Action Plans – Department plans to an individual level for accountability, tracking and measuring
Individual Development Plans (IDP’s) – Development paths, processes and opportunities, career paths
Strategic & Organizational Planning:
Depending on the needs of our clients, we guide and facilitate these processes for clients: 
  • Evaluate the organization's existing plan to identify areas that were not implemented or resolved.
  • Analyze the current reality/situation facing the organization including perception of the multiple stakeholders (internal and external to the organization), financial viability and sustainability, and the identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the system that would impact the planning process and the organization’s future (SWOT analysis).
  • Revisit the organization’s mission – expansion or revision needed?
  • Develop a vision of the organization’s preferred future to encompass the next 3-5 years.
  • Identify clearly the core values that articulate the organization’s expression of its vision and mission.
  • Develop strategic goals within the components of the organization that have clearly defined and measurable objectives, action steps and criteria for evaluation—with integration of the values.
  • Create an implementation plan that clearly defines timelines, accountabilities and success criteria.
  • Develop annual goals with measures/criteria for successfully meeting the goals
  • Develop policies, procedures and guidelines which support the attainment of the strategic goals and help to support the organization