Human Resources Processes, Services and Systems

We assist Clients who are just beginning to design or establish human resources structures, processes or services. We also assist Clients who are on the leading edge of human performance technology and development and are looking to be a recognized leader when it comes to Best Places to Work or to create a highly successful, partnership between Human Resources and Leadership/Operations. We also assist Clients who have locations in the U.S. or one country, but are looking to expand to other countries and are planning for the human capital side of due diligence and then how to set up the human resources functions and operations in other countries. (For more about that, please see the area regarding International Human Resources & Operations).
We and our Associates provide the consulting services related to these topics:
1.    Strategic Human Capital Planning
2.    Employment - recruiting, placement, hiring, termination
3.    Job Descriptions/Job Analysis, etc.
4.    HR Services - counseling, recreation, community service
5.    Internal Investigations (e.g. Sexual Harassment)
6.    Training/Workforce Development
7.    Performance Management/Appraisal
8.    Succession Planning
9.    Safety
10. Survey/Assessment Development and Administration
11. HR Research and Benchmarking
12. Communications - internal and external
13. Legal compliance - labor laws and Fair Employment practices
14. Employee Policy and/or Procedures manuals
15. Personnel Record Keeping for each employee
16. Testing for Employees
17. Compensation Analysis & Consulting                 
18. Incentive and Bonus programs & Non-financial Incentives
19. Merit Increases
20. Layoffs, Downsizing
21. Retirement Plans and Options; stock purchase, etc.
22. COBRA and other severance considerations
23. Career Planning/Management
24. Diversity
25. Employee Involvement
26. Executive Coaching
27. Leadership Development
28. International Considerations - Expats, Legal Labor Issues, Multi-national assignments, etc.
Note that we do not generally provide the services of Union/Collective Unit Bargaining or Avoidance, Labor Relations, Benefits Administration, Payroll/Wage Administration, programming for HRIS (computer systems), although we do provide counsel on the design of HRIS (computer systems) . We recommend that Clients contact other firms to provide those services or we may be able to assist in locating firms to provide those services.