About the Center for Individual & Organizational Effectiveness

What We Do

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Business Challenges
The norm in today's business environment includes global competition and alliances, new ventures, continuous change, and varying interests and demands of markets, customers and employees. Businesses that are the most successful or effective are those that have best developed and managed the planning/strategizing, business processes and people processes by balancing and integrating opportunities, capabilities, and risk.

Similarly, in the non-profit realm, organizations with well-defined social missions, as well as grass-roots start-ups, are competing for limited funds from donors, foundations and corporations while adjusting to provide services for shifting societal needs under continual governmental changes that affect them on a national and state level. 

Organizations know that in the process of managing or engaging in business or provision of services, questions and challenges arise which demand answers and action. Opportunities present themselves. The combination of internal action and external control may present issues. Or, efforts around productivity, quality, innovation, client focus, employee satisfaction, board initiative and the bottom line need improvement.

C4IOE's Work with Clients
Through a results-oriented process of assessment/fact-finding, development, implementation and evaluation, the Center for Individual & Organizational Effectiveness (C4IOE) focuses a Client's interests, requirements, resources, and actions toward achieving results - whether the Client is a multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation, a non-profit organization, or a small company.

We work with domestic U.S. Clients and multi-national Clients. 

About C4IOE
C4IOE is a management consulting firm serving individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses, from small start-ups to multinational organizations. We associate with other organizations to provide a one stop consulting group. We provide human resources services, organization development, strategic planning, training, change management, process redesign, grant-writing and technical writing, and business initiatives and practices, for the purpose of improving the performance of and creating positive change in, individuals and organizations.  We have been in operation since 1998.

C4IOE strives to be different in the way we approach business, service and life. Rather than operating in a reactive mode with Clients, and delivering simply "another intervention or another program," we actively seek to understand the organizations and people we help to develop and change. This means that our way of working with Clients includes an initial questioning or assessment period, to understand a Client's issues, goals, objectives, and needs. We also believe in and strive to surpass expectations with our Clients. Our repeat business from satisfied Clients is a testimonial to that. Please view the website pages regarding our Services, Projects and Clients.

We look forward to hearing from you! We're interested in talking about how we can help to create positive change in and produce results for your organization.