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Greetings in 2009 from the Center for Individual & Organizational Effectiveness (C4IOE)

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Helping Out - Connecting for Greater Impact

Here are a few organizations that compile information about or provide links to charitable organizations so you have one place to search when choosing an organization for donations or volunteer time.
Guide Star
Charity Navigator - a Guide to Intelligent Giving
Network for Good
Volunteer Match

How to Survive & Thrive in an Economic Downturn

In these tough economic times our tendency within organizations, and as individuals, is to "sit tight and ride it out" and hope it all turns around soon. In a way, these times force us into a bit of waiting, expectancy and introspection. Those that spend this time resourcefully come out of economic downturns faring far better than most.

When faced with a bit of economic "tightening," organizations that fare better after the economy improves, have spent some time (during the downturn):
  • assessing the organization,
  • looking for places to streamline,
  • assessing productivity and effectiveness using metrics,
  • revisiting core values,
  • realigning processes and people strategies,
  • planning strategically in phases that take the organization from the current economic status through improvement in the economy.
For some industries, it's a matter of maintaining a viable organization during these times, and being prepared to hit the "go-button" when the economy is in full forward motion again. History has shown that organizations that use this time to plan and develop, are those that are most successful later.

For individuals, this is a time to assess and evaluate what you have to offer the organization, looking for ways to make yourself more valuable to the organization. And for those facing lay-offs or shut-downs, this is the time to look at how to transition to a new career or to take current skills and make them more marketable to other organizations.

This is where C4IOE's array of services can be an invaluable tool to put you and your organization ahead of the curve. Read More to see what WE can do for YOU

C4IOE's Consulting Services to Support Your Success

If C4IOE can be of assistance to your Business, Non-Profit or Government organization (or for individuals - to you personally), with our SERVICES, please let us know. We provide a variety of management consulting services (see the links at left above).

Check out our Career Resources page that contains many career & job resources and job listings compiled through RSS feeds.

Consulting Firms & Academic Centers, please consider C4IOE to meet your clients' needs. We have significant experience with a variety of industries and engagements and have also partnered with other consulting firms and universities in the delivery of services.

OPEN HOUSE at C4IOE's New Office

Please stop by and join in the celebration during our open house on September 9th 2009 from 10am to 7pm at C4IOE's new office at 310 S. Main Street in Zelienople, PA.

We'll have music playing from a local group, a local artist displaying artwork, and lots of good things to eat & drink from local businesses.

Please see this link for more details:

Enroll in or Schedule New Programs

In addition to our management consulting services, we offer a variety of customized training programs. We are also offering two public/open-enrollment training workshops in October, based on assessed needs across industries.

"People Trends & Strategies including Multi-Generational Workforce" provides a look at societal trends, organizational trends and how those affect people strategies of organizations that need to respond to and prepare for those trends. Issues related to multi-generational workforce, rapid rate of change, highly mobile workforce, cost-cutting measures, etc. are discussed. All managers and anyone responsible for workforce planning will benefit.

"Strategic Planning including Operational Plan using Hoshin Tools" is a strategic planning process through divergent (blue-sky, creative) thinking to consensus on values/mission/vision, decision-making processes, board involvement, key actions, creation of a timeline and assessment of "quick-hit" improvements. Hoshin techniques (from Japan) used in this process are practical tools to ground the planning to organizational metrics. This course is well-suited for businesses, government or non-profit organizations.

Workshops, Dates & Locations:

Enroll Now!People Trends & Strategies including Multi-Generational Workforce
October 1 Atlanta, GA Hampton Inn & Suites - Atlanta Downtown
October 8 Chicago (Skokie), IL DoubleTree Hotel & Conference Center - Skokie
October 29 Pittsburgh, PA Hyatt Regency - Pittsburgh International Airport

Strategic Planning including Operational Plan Using Hoshin Tools
October 2 Atlanta, GA Hampton Inn & Suites - Atlanta Downtown
October 9 Chicago (Skokie), IL DoubleTree Hotel & Conference Center - Skokie
October 30 Pittsburgh, PA Hyatt Regency - Pittsburgh International Airport

More information about these workshops is available on our website at If you would like to talk about scheduling these workshops on-site or other programs or services at your organization, please contact us.

Discounts to Clients!
11 Years of Business & Intro to E-News

4% off for repeat clients, 2% off for new clients, +25% off for any job projects contracted and paid by Oct. 15
As a way of showing our appreciation for our 11 years in business and as an introduction to our E-News, for all of our consulting services, etc., we are offering a 4% discount to repeat clients and 2% to new clients through December 2009 for work completed and paid by the end of December 2009. Take an additional 25% off any projects contracted and paid by October 15th, 2009. (Projects do not have to be completed by Oct. 15th)

To take advantage of this offer, please mention that you saw this in our e-newsletter when you contact us!

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Verify for a chance to win $200! Please verify your email address or register a new email address to continue to receive our newsletters. For those addresses that have been verified and that remain on our distribution for at least the next 6 months, we will draw four random winners (at the end of 6 months) who will each receive a $200 prize!

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Help for Unemployed or Job Seekers -
Workshops and Resume Assistance

ResumeAs a way of helping our unemployed or job-seeking colleagues and friends, we are offering resume assistance (revising or writing) at a significant discount. We work electronically and via the phone to save you time and money! We will talk with you about your career interests and experience and then revise an old resume that you have or write up a new resume for you. Even if you've never done a resume before, we can help! And even if you have done resumes before, having a professional review and edit your resume has resulted in an increased number of job offers for our clients. $40 for reviewing/revising a resume OR cover letter. $80 for writing a new resume. You will receive the resume electronically. We can also write/draft a general cover letter that you can revise each time you send it to a prospective employer ($60). (discounts don't apply to this offer)

And if you're in the Western Pennsylvania area, we're also offering some exciting FREE workshops for unemployed/job seekers on various topics (such as: Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Job Searching techniques, Interviewing skills, Networking, Recruiters, Exec Search and Temp Agencies, and Social Networking) to help participants be more successful in their job search. These workshops are happening throughout July and August… see our website to learn more at

Please Remember Our Troops & Charities…

Remember our Troops - Ribbon While we're at war and also during these tough times economically, we all know it's important to continue to support the troops and also to give to charities/non-profits that are also facing tough times. Please see the links above that provide a link to many charities, depending on your interests. (Two of the organizations also evaluate & qualify charities. We don't endorse any of these and they're merely provided for convenience). When you can't donate financially, there are other ways of donating, such as volunteering time or skills, donating goods or things that you don't need, etc. When people are unemployed, it's been shown that if they donate some time each week to a charitable cause it helps with a number of things: connecting with people and not feeling so isolated, contributing to/working at something, making potential connections/networking that might help with job searches, and of course, helping out the organization.

Nominate a Charity for C4IOE Revenue Sharing!

For any new business contracted through C4IOE from now through the end of December 2009, we will be giving a portion of our contracted revenues to a care package program for the Troops and to at least one charity/non-profit. We will select at least one charity (in addition to the military) from those that are nominated to us from now until the end of November. If you would like to nominate a non-profit to receive a portion of our revenues, please submit the following information ELECTRONICALLY ONLY (using no more than two 8x11 pages) to: by November 30, 2009. Yes, non-profits may nominate themselves. Of the qualified nominations we receive, we will select at least one organization to receive a portion of the revenues. Organizations must have legal 501c3 status. We will release the names of organization(s) which have been selected. We will not be releasing the amount given to those organizations, nor the details of their organization(s) except a general description of the intended use of the funds.

Submission Information:
1. Organization Name & Address, and proof of legal status as 501c3
2. Organization Contact Name, Phone, Email, Address
3. What is the primary mission/focus & objectives of the Organization?
4. For what specific project(s) would you like to receive a grant, and how much money would be needed for the project(s)?
5. What creative funding, entrepreneurial efforts or other income generation initiatives has the organization accomplished to generate funding for its programs/projects? How successful have these income generation efforts been?

Want to Connect Our Efforts for More Giving Power?: Friends at other businesses, if you want to participate as a group with C4IOE in this revenue sharing event for greater impact on the organization(s), please contact us.
We appreciate your business and hope we have the opportunity to work with you. Our best and warmest wishes for continued success.

the Staff & Associates of C4IOE

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